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In addition to offering a wide variety of contact lenses, we also specialize in medical optometry. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with the most comprehensive eye care possible. Our eye exams go beyond the standard scope of a vision assessment as they also include various tests to discover the potential underlying cause for your vision change and can detect eye disease.

At our practice, you’ll find eye exams using the latest in diagnostic technology, as well as dedicated dry eye and contact lens clinics featuring advanced treatments and techniques.

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Welcome to Our Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye disease isn’t something that should be ignored. We’re so committed to providing our patients with relief from their dry eye symptoms that we have created a dedicated dry eye clinic. At our clinic, you will find a medically-focused approach to dry eyes using our diagnostic and treatment techniques.

We can diagnose dry eye using osmolarity testing and meibography, allowing us to gain a better understanding of what is causing your dry eye symptoms. These diagnostic techniques allow us to customize a treatment plan which may include LipiFlow and IPL for meibomian gland issues and ZEST eyelid debridement for blepharitis.

Dry Eye Management

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Find us on the 5th floor of the Hullmark Corporate Centre.

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Underground parking is accessible via Anndale Drive. The subway can be accessed via the Sheppard-Yonge station.

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