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Healthy Vision for Healthy Development

Learning is 80% visual, so children who can’t see well often have trouble learning. Untreated vision problems can lead to learning difficulties, poor self-confidence, and behavioural issues. Regular comprehensive eye exams are the best way to detect vision issues early and ensure your child’s visual development is on track.

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Children’s Eye Exam Schedule

Children need an eye exam once per year between the ages of six and nineteen, according to the Canadian Association of Optometrists. Before the age of six, children should have at least two eye exams: once between six and nine months old and once between two and five years old.

OHIP covers annual eye exams for children. An eye exam every 12 months and any necessary follow-up appointments are covered until age 19.

Signs of Eye Issues in Children

Children should visit the optometrist at least once per year. However, if you notice any of these behaviours or issues in your child, you should schedule their next eye exam as soon as possible since these behaviours may indicate your child is experiencing vision problems.

  • Unusual eye appearance (haziness, eye turned in or out)
  • Learning difficulties (poor handwriting, difficulty reading)
  • Behavioural irregularities (no eye contact, head tilts)

A family history of vision problems or eye disease can also influence how frequently your child should have an eye exam. Your optometrist will determine the best eye exam schedule for your child based on their unique needs.

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